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  It is our involvement in the design and planning process that enables us to find innovative, efficient and sustainable ways to meet the project brief.  


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Supervision of Post-tension systems

The UGP Slab Post-Tensioning System is used in a variety of residential and commercial structures. Our system offers substantial savings over conventionally reinforced concrete in the areas


Why Post Tension?
Post Tensioned concrete offers significant performance benefits in tall buildings, particularly in the areas of fire resistance, sound transmission and floor stiffness. Post tensioning the floors and frames of tall concrete buildings minimizes their weight and combined with the use of high – strength concrete, make this a realistic design solution. UGP’s competitive advantage in its patented system offers consultants and ...


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Post-Tensioning System

The post-tensioning system used is the OVM Bonded Flat Slab System. It conforms to international post tensioning standards.

Material Handling and Storage

The ducts have to be placed with a vertical accuracy of +/-5mm in respect to the theoretical dimensions of the drawings.


Tendon Installation

Tendon Installation Procedures Materials Handling and Storage The ducts shall be stored properly in dry places,


Anchor Plate Installation

Before fixing the casting to the formwork each one is viciously inspected for damager or impurities. The positions of the fixing