UGP Can Provide:

Modern  Architecture  places more  and more emphasis on  the  necessity of providing large floor space, flexibility of internal lay out, versatility of use and freedom of movement.  All of these are facilitated by the use of post-tensioning in  the  construction  of  concrete  floor  slabs,  giving  large  clear  spans,  less columns and supports, and reduced floor thickness.

This method of construction has, over the past 20 years, been widely used in many countries, and has proven to be more economical than many of the traditional methods.

The basic structure provides architects, consultants and investors with an economical solution design of floors and roofs of such projects as multi-storey office buildings, car parks, hospitals, schools, commercial and administrative centers, and apartment blocks.

The design of flat slabs have evolved since the mid fifties, when the first post-
tensioned slabs where built.  Experience has enabled methods and criteria to be improved with greatly simplified structural design techniques, such as the load-balancing method along with the equivalent frame, now widely used.


All of the services and products offered by Union Gulf Prestressing are produced entirely in – house – design concept to the most suitable materials and site supervision. This allows Union Gulf Prestressing to deliver:

  • Alternative Designs
  • Value Engineering
  • Economical Designs
  • Projects within established time frames
  • It lets us to design longer spans with lesser beam / slab depth.
  • Post- Tensioned structure allows greater flexibility in fixing M&E services.
  • Enhances aesthetic of the building.
  • Considerable reduction in quantity of steel used.
  • Reduction in construction time and cost.
  • Reduction in manpower requirement.
  • The Overall Self Weight of the Building is reduced. Thus resulting in reduction of foundation depth and reinforcement.
  • Enhances the functionality of the building through reducing number of columns.