Why Post Tension?
Post Tensioned concrete offers significant performance benefits in tall
buildings, particularly in the areas of fire resistance, sound transmission and floor stiffness. Post tensioning the floors and frames of tall concrete buildings minimizes their weight and combined with the use of high – strength concrete, make this a realistic design solution.
UGP’s competitive advantage in its patented system offers consultants and
clients saving in material costs, construction time and greater spans in concrete. The UGP Design Team can create post tensioned concrete slabs for speculative developments – removing the risk and problems of unforeseen slab uses and loads.
Post Tensioned construction has the following typical benefits:

In addition, the reduction of structural height and weight as outlined above, and improved deflection and crack control contribute to the success of Post
Tensioned construction.

We are geared to carry out total design and detailing for Post Tensioned solutions and can offer;

Less material to be handled and placed Simpler and minimal reinforcement Earlier stripping of formwork More Architectural freedom Larger column free spaces Flexibility in subdivision or floor space lobbies and public areas