About Us

Welcome to Union Gulf Prestressing L.L.C

UGP L.L.C. is a post tensioned , organization , promoted by Mr. Abdullah Al-Ajmi. UGP L.L.C. was partially built up with the skilled manpower and qualified

personnel Experienced in large industrial projects .together with experienced of promoter in projects and other key sectors.

From Its Beginning, UGP L.L.C. has been Established as an expertise company with multi-disciplinary services in engineering in design and construction technologies. UGP L.L.C. has committed itself in providing clients within and outside the region, with high quality products and outstanding services through our experienced management team and professional technical team

UGP L.L.C. has acquired a 20 years of experience in multi discipline engineering in both design and construction. For over 20 years of operation, the UGP L.L.C. has acquired exceptional records in providing innovative skills and techniques to the Civil Engineering and Building industries at the national and international level.

The UGP L.L.C. with post-tensioning system is developed with features to meet application requirements of simplicity, efficiency and meets market demands of cost competitiveness.


The mission of UGP L.L.C. Engineering is to design the post-tensioning systems which will be efficiently applied in all buildings and Civil engineering works. In addition to the efficiency of systems’ design, all products of UGP L.L.C. are also designed and manufactured under a quality control program to meet international standards thus ensuring that all clients would achieve the best value at a competitive cost.

Our Services

Post Tensioning – Buildings

With a very experienced design team, SF is well positioned to propose to our clients the most suitable post- tensioned slab system for their buildings.

Depending on the functional requirement, span, site constraint, loading requirements, etc., different types of slab systems will be suitable for different buildings,

as listed below.

  • PT Flat Slab system
  • PT Flat Plate system
  • PT Beam with PT Slab
  • PT Transfer Girders and Plates